We started Relay Refresh in 2017 traveling around in an old yellow Jeep visiting with our friends who were so giving of their time and talents. We wrote stories about who they were and how they were helping to make

Relay For Life of Second Life successful year after year.


five minute crop.png

For 2021, we are reprising our "Spotlight On" feature stories but with a twist.

This time around Relay Refresh will be doing virtual ZOOM calls with inworld avatars. 

Fun, fast moving, five minute virtual visits with friends who will let us briefly peek through their laptop screens as we

talk about Relay For Life of Second Life.

We will voice in real time as we show our inworld avatars sitting in front of their very own ZOOM backgrounds on

our virtual ZOOM call screen.


So many fun conversations to have with the people who team up with others year after year and volunteer for the American Cancer Society in Second Life.