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Fundraising for the American Cancer Society in Second Life started in 2004.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers and thousands who have donated, residents of Second Life

have raised over $4 million USD for ACS via Relay For Life, Strides Campaigns in October

and annual events like Fantasy Faire, Home & Garden Expo, Christmas Expo, and Sci-Fi Expo.

The American Cancer Society provides services inworld via information portals, cancer survivor support groups and cancer caregiver support groups at Hope Haven on American Cancer Society Island.

Stingray9798 Raymaker, Ambassador for the American Cancer Society in Second Life, has a vision that features ACS as the premier destination experience for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and warriors to find support, answers, education, and resources to help each avatar across the grid.


The volunteer structure represents a full team of equals, where each member of the team has a focus on various priorities that make up the complete picture of the American Cancer Society in Second Life.

The Executive Leadership Team provides overall vision and strategic guidance for the American Cancer Society in Second Life. This team develops and executes outreach strategy for the recruitment of new volunteers, new partnerships, new relationships, and new events. This team also advocates

on behalf of all teams within the American Cancer Society volunteer structure. 


The success of The American Cancer Society in Second Life is all about teamwork. People from all over the world volunteering their skill sets, becoming friends and collaborating together on computers, laptops, and smart phones in Second Life .


The American Cancer Society in Second Life is the umbrella for many programs and services.

Hope Haven is both a source for 

cancer information and also home to our virtual support groups for cancer survivors and caregivers.


It takes lots of volunteers being creative and collaborating together to make the American Cancer Society thrive in Second Life. It also takes a community of generous sponsors who financially support the programs and

services in Second Life. 


2021 Relay Refresh ~ Second Life ~ San Francisco, CA

Trager & MamaP ~ relayrefresh@gmail.com