Spotlight on Selene Jashan

The Relay Refresh RoadTrip was on the road again in our new yellow jeep for a new Relay season. Our first stop was in Beaumont, Texas to visit with Selene Jashan who is the 2019 Relay season Team Lead for “The 5 Days of Relay”, a new Relay outreach designed to bring new communities together to fight cancer. This year the focus is on the MC community and Selene told us that she has close to 60 MC’s signed up as new Relay teams and ready to work together as “Relay Goes MC”. Selene also told us that this new event will be “EPIC”, will run from Monday, June 3rd through Friday, June 7th, will be right before Relay Weekend, and will be something Relayers will not want to miss.

Born and raised in Texas, Selene is “an open book”. She told us her first job was at age 16 at a local family pharmacy and her current job is working for the local government as a tax deputy specializing in property taxes and beer and wine licenses.

An iPhone 7 user, Selene also uses a Windows 10 desktop to keep up with her busy Second Life. She has been a resident for 11 years and first heard of SL from a TV show and when she “came and looked” she told us she was “overwhelmed and did not come back for a year”.

Selene shared with us that her first friend in Second Life was a woman she met while shopping who owned a club. They started talking and Selene quickly became friends with Anima who was a breast cancer survivor. Her friend introduced her to both the club scene and tribute bands. Selene shared with us, what few know, that she was part of “Cutting Edge” and earned L$ performing in tribute bands.

Her friend Anima’s breast cancer came back and she lost her battle in 2015. Selene told us how “she fought the good fight with so much dignity and courage” and her friend now “flys with the angels” and has “forever left a mark on my heart”.

When asked how many items were in her inventory, Selene told us 66,404. When asked about a funny noob story she told us she did not even know how to rez a prim and had to go to somebody and ask how to make a box. Selene has come a long way since that time and is now the owner of “The River”, a very successful rock club where people hangout, dance and meet new friends. The River also has a very successful Relay team, The River of Life, who are very active in holding Relay events.

When it comes to music Selene is a rocker at heart. She told us that “Life in the Fast Lane” is her favorite song and “The Eagles” are her favorite band. She told us “This Is Us” is her favorite TV show and we all laughed when Mama told us that she was at least 5-6 episodes behind so we could not talk about ANYTHING. She also told us that she is addicted to “The Voice”. Lots of things make Selene laugh including funny jokes and people acting silly. She likes people being true to who they are and she frequently laughs at herself a lot.

When asked about her hero, Selene immediately said her Dad. She told us when she was growing up they did not have much, but her Dad made sure they never felt they were missing anything. One of her fondest memories is that her Dad made sure that every year they took a long summer vacation. It was nothing extravagant, but always an adventure. He would borrow against his retirement spending the rest of the year paying it back. He is a Christian man, who stands by his beliefs and is always helping others. He is a cancer survivor, diagnosed 9 years ago with Stage 4 Melanoma and was given 4 months to live. Her Mom was unwilling to accept the diagnosis, immediately went searching on the internet, found a trial that he qualified for and today, 9 years later, he is cancer free. We could see her smiling as she told us “he still sends my sister and I Valentines every year”.

Selene has Relayed in RL alongside her son, a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor, and is now Relaying in SL for her third year. She Relays for her dad and her son and this year for herself. She has gone from being a supporter to her dad, a caregiver to her son, and is now a cancer survivor herself. Last August, Selene was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she underwent surgery and today is cancer free, just recently getting the great news at her 6 month checkup!

Her favorite part of SL Relay is the comradery with the people at The River and having fun while raising L$ to fight cancer. Selene told us about Relay Weekend last year, her first time experiencing the 24 hour event and how walking the track, the ceremonies, the people, how the entire weekend was so inspiring and emotional.

When asked about a favorite Relay story, Selene recalled last year when she was Bid Bald for a month. Having watched her son go through chemo, Selene took this as an opportunity to honor his battle. As she traveled around the grid, she got all kinds of comments, and was told many times, your hair is missing. She eventually put a flip title on explaining why she was bald. She turned it into an opportunity to educate others. Selene is always ready and willing to share her story, to talk to others who need an understanding and compassionate ear, and to encourage others to get involved with Relay.

We asked Selene if she could tell Relayers one thing what would it be and she quickly responded “to not compare yourself to anyone… to bigger teams… bigger groups… because every L$ counts… and in the end what really matters is that you are doing it all for the right reason…

Selene Jashan does it ALL for the right reasons… for her dad… for her son… for her friends… for herself… this Texas woman is full in for Relay… We have had the unique opportunity to work side by side with Selene to launch The Five Days of Relay… from planning meetings last winter… to our first meeting with the MC community that filled a sim beyond capacity… to Selene organizing a core group of MC members to plan the biggest MC rally ever to fight cancer… to signing up 60 new MC Relay teams with more to follow… Selene is the reason we Relay…

Selene Jashan stepped up to lead a huge Relay outreach project to the MC community and she daily invites others to join with her to show the entire grid the strength, the heart and the solidarity of the MC community in Second Life.

So as we move closer to Relay weekend and we build our campsites and feel the sims rumble under our feet, look up and say hello to Selene Jashan and the hundreds of new Relayers taking part in the 5 Days of Relay.

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