Spotlight on Keileigh Jarman

The Relay Refresh RoadTrip rolled into the Bloomington, Illinois area, home of State Farm Insurance Corporate Headquarters, to visit with Keileigh Jarman, who “like a good neighbor…

is there...” for Relay For Life. As a key member of the Whispering Sands Live Promotions team, Keileigh coordinates all of the WSL live artist benefit performances for Relay in Second Life. To say this young woman spins a lot of plates in her SL would be an understatement. We were impressed with her passion to help Relay.

Keileigh “[Key-lee]” is an “Administrative Assistant for a major retail company” and uses a Galaxy Note 8 android cellphone and often uses her Lumiya Viewer to stay in touch with her Second Life friends. She uses a Windows 10 HP Omen gaming laptop with 16GB RAM and an NVidea graphics card to access the 86,134 items in her SL inventory. And when not working in RL or SL she is a self proclaimed “sports fan” supporting the Green Bay Packers, St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Penguins.

She came to SL about 9 years ago when she saw a Linden Lab ad pop up on her Myspace page. She told us the ad was “geared towards vampires” and being a “Twilight fan” she was inspired to create an avatar and log in. Keileigh met her first friend, Trish, at a freebie park soon after coming to Second Life. Trish took her “under her wings” and “showed her the ropes” eventually becoming her SL mom. Trish doesn’t log on much anymore but they keep in touch via RL FaceBook.

Keileigh’s love of SL live music started when her friend Trish, who owned a music venue called Willow Park, took her to live music events. When Trish closed Willow Park, Keileigh knew she wanted her own live music venue and with the help and guidance of Trish, Jagged Edge was born. Now two years old, Jagged Edge occupies a half sim and is testimony to Keileigh’s love of music. When asked why she enjoys owning Jagged Edge, she told us she “loves having a place where people can get together and experience the shows”.

One can not talk about Keileigh’s love of music without talking about her other love, Jorr. The CEO of Whispering Sands Live Promotions, Jorrdan Jarman has changed the SL live music scene with WSL and the many live artists they represent on the grid. He has assembled an amazing team with lots of creative ideas, most recently adding a HUD that allows avatars to access the calendar for all WSL live artists and their performances. In the words of Savannah Rain, a WSL live artist, “Thank you guys from the bottom of my country heart… I love WSL and I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of artists and managers...”

Jagged Edge and live music play an important part in Keileigh and Jorr’s SL relationship. They met at an AM Forte live show when she read his profile and IM’d him to talk about scheduling live performers. The rest is history.


Jorr (jorrdan.jarman): so this is nme asking nicely if you will please be my girl friend ?

Jorr (jorrdan.jarman): me

Jorr (jorrdan.jarman): idk who that nme guy is

5/29/16 ~ He asked, and I said YES!


Keileigh Galaxy is now known as Keileigh Jarman.

(shared from Keileigh’s profile)

When asked about her favorite song, it took her a few moments to pick one because she has so many. Shawn Mullins - Lullaby and Goo Goo Dolls - Name were two songs that came to her mind and she also enjoys listening to Seether. She told us she has a “wide range” of favorites. And when it comes to TV shows, she has an equally wide range of favorites that include Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones and Vikings on Amazon Prime.

Keileigh impressed us as a very happy person. When asked about what makes her laugh, she quickly said Nics Lane because “you never know what she is going to say and she catches you off guard”. She told us that Nics “makes everyone laugh”. Aunt Keileigh also enjoys her “six month old niece” who makes her and her younger sister smile.

The conversation got serious when she told us that both of her mom’s, RL & SL, are her heroes. Both “strong women who have been through quite a bit”, she admires their “perseverance and how they know how to make everyone around them smile and feel good no matter what is going on in their lives”.

As the conversation turned to Relay For Life, she told us how Jorr had the idea to put someone in charge of the charity requests WSL was receiving for events. Jorr felt they needed one person for this important task and Keileigh was happy to step up. Keileigh told us that when Jorr asked her if she was “up to this”, she responded “absolutely”. Jorr created a form on their website and they set up a process. When asked how she handles the many requests, she told us “some days are harder than others but we give each request the same attention”. The charity arm of WSL is very important to both Keileigh and Jorr.

Keileigh has been Relaying for a few years through her work with WSL and with live music events at her venue, Jagged Edge. She told us that she Relays for her Grandma who was a big influence in her life and who lost her battle with breast cancer. She shared how she loves all of Relay knowing that “we are all working together for one cause”. She continues to be amazed at the SL community and their giving spirit.

There are so many wonderful people who make Relay For Life happen in Second Life and Keileigh Jarman is one of them. She works tirelessly behind the scenes making sure the shows happen. She told us she sees herself as “the conduit” between the WSL live artists and the many Relay events at which they perform. We came away amazed at how one driven woman working in the background can make such a big difference.

Keileigh Jarman is without doubt one of the many hands on this years “United We Relay” tree and is iconic of how every person and

every hand is part of the amazing success of Relay For Life of Second Life.

One day we will celebrate a cure, until then we Relay.





Alone we can do so little ~ Together we can do so much