Spotlight on Savannah Rain

Our Relay Refresh RoadTrip rolled into South Carolina, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, to visit with Savannah Rain. A country girl through and through, she was born and raised in Georgia and regularly travels home to see her “momma”. Coming from a large family, she married into a large family, and now has a large family of her own. Savannah has four children ranging in age from eleven to a soon to be college graduate with a dual major in Physics and Music. This quintessential “southern momma”, just absolutely lights up when talking about her children.

A dedicated Mac user with both an iMac and a MacBook Pro, we were surprised to hear her say that she “hates iPhones” and instead uses a Samsung Galaxy Android phone. She discovered the “internet” in her early twenties and she was immediately intrigued with its potential. She became involved in various chat rooms and made lots of online friends. One of these friends invited her to Second Life and told her of the “smorgasbord” of virtual activities. 902 days later, she is now one of the premier live performers on the grid and grudgingly admits to 137,707 items in her inventory.

When asked about a funny SL story, she recalled how after starting live music she noticed everyone’s shape was different than hers. So she learned how to adjust the appearance sliders and enhanced her “cleavage”, not quite “Dolly Parton”, but enough to make her smile. She put on her favorite Blueberry dress, someone took a pic, posted it on Facebook, and she told us “her boobs went viral”.

When asked about her favorite song, she struggled because she has so many, but eventually landed on a song by Holly Dunn called Daddy’s Hands because it reminded her of dad. Her favorite song that she goes to when she needs inspiration is Break Every Chain by

Tasha Cobb. Her favorite group is Rascal Flatts, who she characterized as a bunch of “talented guys” who do “amazing harmonies”. She has two favorite TV shows, The Good Doctor and This Is Us, and we spent more than a few minutes discussing the fire.

Savannah told us, without hesitation, that her “kids make her laugh”. Three boys and one girl, she says they all have “a distinct sense of humor”. Her oldest is a geek, and the younger ones love to “bust his chops” about it, saying “we don’t speak geek”. She told us her youngest is “dry witted” and often makes mom laugh unexpectedly, like the time he referred to a random trash receptacle as a “homeless R2D2”. She mentioned how her youngest “loves to write stories” and she keeps a collection of his “journals”.

Her grandmother Maggie is her hero. She described her as a “smart, spunky, wonderful woman” who raised seven successful children on her own, “unafraid”, as a single mom. She told us “she knew how to take care of herself” and held many jobs to support her family including “driving an 18 wheeler”. Savannah told us that she always cared about her appearance and lived to be 90.

Savannah Relays through her music and her very first Relay Event was three months after starting Second Life. She Relays for many people, particularly her two great-grandmothers and Aunt Peggy, her mother’s sister, who all battled breast cancer. Savannah also Relays in RL and for 13 years authored many articles about breast cancer survivors. She is passionate about communicating that cancer is not a death sentence, that early detection is so important, and that we need to celebrate survivors. She shared with us stories of “Survivor Fashion Shows” she has helped organize and also how she has spoken to elementary school kids about cancer.

Her favorite part of Relay is when the SL community comes together, as a “community of avatars”, and “makes a real life difference and impacts the world around us”. She loves being able to invite her friends and her group, sing her heart out for an hour, and raise both awareness and money for Relay For Life in Second Life. Music is such a huge part of Savannah’s real life and her second life. Her entire family sings, bringing her great joy, and sometimes will even sing with her inworld. They are all fully supportive of her involvement with Relay For Life.

This woman of deep faith, quotes in her profile that “one of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others”. And anyone who knows Savannah, knows that this strong woman… this country girl… this southern momma... is always doing for others !!!





Alone we can do so little ~ Together we can do so much