Spotlight on DollEyes Barbosa

Our Relay Refresh RoadTrip arrived today in Upstate New York to visit with DollEyes Barbosa. She has been a resident of Second Life for almost eleven years joining after being a Moderator of another virtual world.

She is a Windows 10 desktop lady with a very full “eclectic” inventory - the total number of items being her secret. Her two favorite songs are Michael Buble - Put Your Head On My Shoulder and Tracy Byrd - The Keeper of the Stars.

Spring and fall are her favorite times of the year with their warmth and mild temperatures. She believes that laughter is the best medicine and loves to have fun. Her hero is her SL partner who daily challenges her to be a better person. She says he has helped her to grow in ways she did not know she needed and she admires his creative talents inworld as Mayor of Tombstone. She uses the words caring, kind and honorable to describe him.

She discovered Relay early in her Second Life and a few years later became actively involved by joining a team. When asked about her favorite Relay story, she talks about running the track and crying as she remembered the many family members she had lost to cancer. She discovered that her mic was on when somebody told her they could hear her crying and wanted to give her a hug. They went on to become great friends.

DollEyes has been a caregiver in real life five times and was the primary caregiver for her mother and her aunt. She told us that “Relay is about fighting cancer on all fronts, especially fighting cancer with research”. She finds “Relay to be very therapeutic for me. I cry the whole time I run in Relay, but it is healing tears. Relay has helped me come to terms with all I have been through. The pain of losing all my family has eased. The hurt is still there, but the edges are softer and now when I think of them, it is the happy times that I remember and I smile thinking of them”.

She is the Captain of the “Too Tough to Die” Relay team that is part of the circa 1899 Tombstone roleplay community. She enjoys the sense of family, support, love and teamwork that she experiences as being part of Relay For Life in Second Life. DollEyes has a passion for Relay and will continue fighting for those she has lost, until we find a cure.


Alone we can do so little ~ Together we can do so much