Spotlight on Stingray9798 Raymaker

Our Relay Refresh RoadTrip begins today in Louisiana to visit with Stingray9798 Raymaker who has been a resident of Second Life for ten years. He first heard about Second Life at the American Cancer Society offices where he works as a Staff Partner.

He is a Windows laptop guy with 11,808 items in his SL inventory and a Samsung cell phone in his hand. His favorite musical group is Reel Big Fish, his all time favorite TV show is Lost, and he has never missed a single episode of Survivor.

Just about anything makes him laugh and when asked about a real life hero, he mentioned his high school english teacher. Sting has been Relaying some 14 years for people that he knows in both real life and Second Life.

His favorite parts of Relay are the Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back ceremonies that take place during Relay weekend. When asked about his favorite Relay story, he talks about his first year as Staff Partner in Second Life, and seeing a dragon walking in the wrong direction around the Relay track. He credits that dragon incident with helping him understand the diversity and imagination found in Second Life.

A communications major, he has worked for ACS since 2004 and enjoys working with volunteers. He loves the strong sense of community in Second Life and shared with us his vision for the upcoming Relay season. Simplification was a word he used more than a few times. Simplify the tools by creating a new kiosk design. Simplify the guidelines by eliminating the need to ask permission to raise money for Relay. Simplify the committee structure by reconnecting past Chairs to help steer Relay in a more task driven fashion that will include more people.

Sting has a passionate vision for Relay for Life in Second Life - a community of people - one

team - working together - full of love - family - supporting one another - encouraging new

people to emerge - to become more visible - to do Relay their way - to compete with other

Relays - not against each other - and to become the best Relay on the planet !!


Alone we can do so little ~ Together we can do so much