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RECORD BREAKING... The total raised in Second Life for The American Cancer Society from 07/01/2020 through 06/30/2021 was $417,123.00.

We were again honored to produce the audio packages for Relay Weekend.


Our RUTH GOES RELAY opener was so much fun to create and produce... The stage region by Silver was amazing and the poses by Bob & Abi were

so helpful in setting up the four scenes explaining Relay Weekend...

In the audio package about our Designer Regions, we had our designers explaining their amazing builds created for Relay Weekend...

The Survivor Package featured two cancer survivors... Gavin & BB... the synchronicity of their stories is remarkable... the duet of their words will stir your soul... the stripped down reality of moments in their lives... 

Our Closing Ceremony audio package featured interviews with numerous Relayers about what Relay For Life of Second Life meant for them...

Relay 2021 - Opening PackageRelay Refresh
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Relay 2021 - Designer PackageRelay Refresh
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Relay 2021 - Survivor PackageRelay Refresh
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Relay 2021 - Closing PackageRelay Refresh
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We were again honored to produce the survivor package for the

2021 Relay For Life of Second Life Kickoff... As we start each new season,

we always take a moment to reflect on why we Relay...

Survivor Package - Relay 2021 Kickoff Trager & MamaP
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It's so clear... every year we get stronger... so let's shine our lights... it's time to celebrate... we've come so far and we've got so far to go...

The $4 Million Dollar Celebration was another amazing ACS event.

We talked to so many people about the history of Relay...

and Sting was ummmmm... CLASSIC STING !!!

$4 Million CelebrationTrager & MamaP & Sting
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The audio package for the opening of Relay 2020 Weekend finds Sting & Trager with their VR headsets on and deep into their new Game On Cancer app

while MamaP & Nikki are trying to get Relay Weekend started for everyone...

The storyline was a lot of fun to produce and Sting singing at the end was EPIC...

Opener Package - Relay 2020 WeekendSting & Trager & MamaP & Nikki
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Rescue Me

Rescue Me

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We were honored to produce a survivor package to be used at the 2020 Relay For Life of Second Life Kickoff. We held our release of this video until the day after kickoff, so that the MP3 audio file could be used at kickoff. We sat down with four cancer survivors, Camme Carver, Eli-Kiss Moonites Ryder, Marina Sharpshire and Fizban Underwood to listen to their stories. We have produced many videos over the last three years and this one was without doubt the most gut wrenching and the most impactful for us to date.